PBUG - Antwerp, October, 24th 2013

As announced previously on Twitter and on Matt's blog, Matt Casters and know.bi's Bart Maertens are organizing a Pentaho Benelux User Group (PBUG) event, which will be sponsored by know.bi and Pentaho. The location for this event will be Antwerp Central Station, considered one of the world's most beautiful train stations.

The majority of the speakers is yet to be announced, but two talks are already on the agenda:

*) Pedro Alves, Webdetails founder and Sr Pentaho VP of community: About the Pentaho Community *) Matt Casters, Pentaho Chief Data Integration: Blending Big and Small Data - practical demo

The rest of the agenda will be all about YOU, the Pentaho user.

Antwerp Central Train station is easily accessible by train (duh!), but with an abundance of public car parks in the vincinity, the venue is easily accessible to everyone. There really is no excuse not to register and be there if you have been using Pentaho recently, or are interested to start using Pentaho.

Keep an eye on our blog, Matt's blog and the twitter #pbug hashtag for more information.