Pentaho Data Integration Statistics

At we are fans of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), big fans. And recently we also became big fans of  PDI for Big Data. Since first working with PDI (aka kettle) we remain impressed with the rate at which this open source initiative, coming out of Matt Casters' basement, has gained world wide traction and has become one of the top data integration tools on the planet. 

And you didn't hear of it before? Shame on you! Below are some statistics showing that you should have informed yourself a bit better.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to quickly assess how different search words on the web compare against each other in usage on Google Search. For this exercise, I compare Pentaho against these ones:

  • Talend: another open source ETL tool
  • OWB: Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Informatica Powercenter: Since years, together with IBM datastage, one of the leaders in Gartner's infamous "Magical Quadrant for Data Integration" of which I've included the 2011 version below.
  • IBM Datastage: IBM's competitor for Informatica Powercenter

Remark: If you are wondering why PDI 

isn't included in Gartner's analysis, read this.

This is the outcome of the Google Trend query: pentaho, talend, powercenter, datastage, owb

Try it yourself

A picture says more than a 100 billion Google Searches, no?

Sourceforge download statistics

On Sourceforge you can view the download statistics of projects. I've compared some of the most popular data integration tools on sourceforge:

  • Pentaho Data Integration
  • Talend Open Studio
  • CloverETL

 Try it yourself

 Try it yourself

Try it yourself

Again, I'll let the pictures do the talking.