Google Drive in Pentaho Data Integration

Update 2021-11-12: Although the information on this page still applies, no longer actively works with Pentaho Data Integration. Cloud integration in general, among many other things, is natively integrated into Apache Hop, which is where our focus has shifted to. 

One of the new features in Pentaho Data Integration 8.1 is the ability to directly connect to Google Drive. PDI uses the Virtual File System (VFS) which allows you to connect to a variety of file systems in a transparent way.

To do this, you first have to enable the Google Drive api in and create a service account (with OAuth). Download and place the JSON key under <data-integration>/plugins/pentaho-googledrive-vfs/credentials (the name of the key has to be client_secret.json).

After restarting Spoon go to File -> Open URL, the Google Drive option should be visible.
When selecting google drive, Google will ask you to authenticate 


Screenshot from 2018-05-31 15-46-38


After authenticating, an extra file will be saved under the 'credentials' folder, allowing you to connect without authenticating. You will be able to browse your Google Drive locations


Screenshot from 2018-05-31 15-48-35

Now you can directly open and save files under Google Drive, or use the googledrive:// prefix in input and output steps to directly access and store files.

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