Pentaho World 2017 recap

On October 25th-27th, the huge Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando, Florida was home for Pentaho World 2017, probably the last edition as a standalone Pentaho event.


Pentaho was acquired by Hitachi in 2015 and recently became part of Hitachi Vantara, the group's new data-driven solutions company. With Vantara's focus on IoT insights, data intelligence, (hybrid) cloud and modern infrastructure, and with a tagline that read "Move Beyond Big Data to Transformation", Pentaho and Ventara now clearly focus on more than 'just' big data engineering. Pentaho will play a key role in Vantara's move towards data processing, data engineering and machine learning "on the edge", or on (or as as possible to) IoT devices.

The main topic of the event was the announcement of Pentaho 8.0, which will be available in mid-november. The most important features in version 8 will be:

  • improved connectivity to streaming data sources:
    • Spark: improvements in the AEL (Adaptive Execution Layer) will allow real-time data ingestion through Spark Streaming without any re-work.
    • Kafka: although Kafka was already supported through community plugins, it is now supported from the core platform.
    • Knox: improved Hadoop security management through Apache Knox
  • Resource optimizations:
    • worker nodes are an improvement to Pentaho Data Integration's Carte server that will allow to dynamically scale out enterprise workloads.
    • AEL execution enhancements will allow your PDI code to run on Spark and (in the future) other engines.
    • Native support for Avro and Parquet.
  • Productivity improvements include updates to the data integration repository explorer and additional supported databases for the OpsMart auditing data mart.

Apart from product announcements, customer testimonials and awards in the main room, there were lots of deep-dive breakout sessions, there was the possibility to do (free) certification exams.

As always, the evenings were less formal: a partner dinner (Wednesday) and an evening party (Thursday) with arcade games and drinks.

Now that Pentaho World 2017 is over, it is time to start looking forward (as if we weren't already) to the techie Pentaho event of the year: PCM17! The organization and number of registrations seem to be a huge step up again, so the expectations are high!

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