ABN AMRO Clearing


  • Sector
  • BI
    Pentaho data integration, Pentaho Business Analytics
  • DATA
    Financial data (trades, positions, cash movements …)

The company

ABN AMRO Clearing is leading global securities services provider clearing over 16 million trades per day and covering 85 exchanges worldwide. ABN AMRO Clearing has an extensive customer base including financial market participants, industry giants and start-ups.

ABN AMRO Clearing is a global player with local operations across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Worldwide 90 exchanges can be accessed through direct clearing memberships and third party clearers. input

ABN AMRO needed to get an overview of the trades, positions, cash movements and other financial figures. designed the global data integration architecture to implement and structure the ABN AMRO data. Based on this data, designed the Business analytics, which made it possible to create visuals such as reports and dashboards.

A scripted build and deployment framework for clustered JBoss servers was developed. In addition offered third level support to ABN AMRO, by offering them best practices, working practices and advice.

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