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    public sector
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    Pentaho data integration, Pentaho Business Analytics
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    government data

The company

CIPAL serves local and provincial governments in Flanders, Belgium, to carry out service agreement in as efficient and customer friendly possible. CIPAL offers policy and process support, innovative and reliable information management services and e-government solutions. input

Due to New government legislation for planning and reporting transparency, local municipalities must undergo a major operational and cultural change. CIPAL had to pilot and develop a BI application to help the municipalities with this new legislation.

CIPAL reviewed all (open source) BI vendors and chose Pentaho as the core of its platform. designed the architecture for CIPAL's Athenaweb and developed a multi-tenanted data warehouse, loaded with data produced by or using CIPAL’s local government applications. also designed front and back-end Pentaho solutions. On top of this data warehouse, pixel perfect reports, analyical reports and dashboard where created.

In addition to the development provided training and coaching for CIPAL.

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