In addition to supporting you in architecture and coaching, can assist by taking over your entire project development. 

In development projects, we always work through the steps listed below, often combined with our architecture and coaching services. We use the agile methodology, which allows to quickly respond to changing circumstances and requirements. 

  • development of a high-level roadmap that defines the short, middle and long term goals 
  • development of a sprint plan that defines the goals per sprint. At the start of each sprint, detailed scope and requirements are defined. At the end of each sprint, progress and deliverables are evaluated: what went well, what are the areas that have room for improvement. This evaluation is used to improve and optimize the development process in future sprints 
  • at the end of each 2 week sprint, a release is delivered, tested and deployed (after successful testing).

We perform a broad are of tasks in our development projects, but are mostly centered around: 

  • data pipelines (ETL): the extraction or reading, enriching, cleaning and storing of data. This includes building traditional data warehouses,  graph databases or any variety of target formats and systems. 
  • analytics, visualizations: development of (adhoc or static) reporting and dashboards 
  • data science: algorithm selection, gathering and preparation of the required data, and training, testing and deployment of the models we developed. 

In addition to our services around data strategy, coaching and DevOps, we don't only care about execution, but aim to be a partner in all areas of your data processing. Our goal is to work with you to build the best possible data solutions.