The requirements for modern business intelligence or analytics systems are not to be underestimated. Systems not only have to be robust, fast and reliable, they also need to be able to quickly respond to new requests and changing requirements

Running your analytics projects in the cloud offers a number of significant advantages over your own data center

  • scalable, flexible: you only use (and pay for) what you need. Quickly and/or temporarily expanding resources and experimenting with new technologies becomes a lot more achievable and affordable
  • reliable: cloud providers guarantee service uptimes that are hard to achieve in your own data center. The roll-out, deployment and monitoring of your project-specific infrastructure and services can be fully automated.
  • easy: a lot of mandatory but time consuming tasks, ranging from installing security updates over building backup/restores procedures to the installation and configuration of entire clusters can all be taken care of by cloud services, freeing up your own time for tasks that add value
  • secure: cloud providers take care of encryption, protection against DDoS attacks, firewall management etc at a scale and on a level that makes even the largest companies and organizations move their data to the cloud