lightning fast analytics!


Storing, managing and above all being able to quickly query your data often become quite a task. 
With increasing volumes come increasingly complex data models (even unstructured data needs modeling) and analytics.

Relational databases have been the corner stone of every information architecture for decades. Where they excel in CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete, the processing of individual records), their architecture (focused on processing individual records) isn't very well suited for analytical workloads, where the focus is on processing large quantities of data.

Vertica is a lightning fast (10 to 50 times faster than legacy systems) distributed analytical database, designed from the start for analytics:

  • column based: queries only read the relevant columns instead of entire rows, as traditional databases do. This makes a huge difference for analytical queries over vast amounts of data
  • distributed: data is stored on a cluster of machines, just like analytical workloads can be shared over the machines in the cluster 
  • through integration with Kafka, Spark and other platforms, and the option to read directly from your data lake, Vertica is more than just a database
  • machine learning: in traditional data science environments, data is exported (and processed) from the data warehouse or managed separately from the data warehouse to build, train and deploy models. Vertica allows machine learning models to run directly in the database through SQL functions, saving significant amounts of time and resources. 

Vertica is used in analytics projects of all sizes, at mid-sized organizations to the largest and most data-intense companies on the planet (Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, ...)