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What Is Apache Hop

Apache Hop is an innovative metadata-driven that uses metadata objects to describe how you want to process your data. Apache Hop architecture takes care of the heavy lifting. Based on visual development, Apache Hop allows you to visually design your workflows and pipelines. Let’s say scripting and code are an option, not a necessity.

You can design runtime configurations, a new metadata type, to design pipelines once, and run them in any environment, on any engine you choose. Apache Hop places the ETL processes in a centrally managed platform, which also manages the quality and persistence of data, resulting in higher availability, and reliable information.

With Apache Hop, the data processing life cycle has become a software life cycle. Robust and reliable data processing requires testing, a fast and flexible deployment process, and a strict separation between data and metadata.

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Why Apache Hop?
Open source

Apache Hop is an innovative open source software platform.

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Visual design

Visual design of data processes, testing, running and deploy.

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Metadata driven

Apache Hop implements a strict separation of data and metadata.

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Runtime agnostic

Design a data process in Apache Hop and run it locally or on any engine.

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All the components in the Apache Hop platform are pluggable.

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Projects & Environments

Manage different projects and environments with their configurations and variables.

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