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A strict separation between data and metadata


Separation Between Data and Metadata

We know that metadata, properly managed, are powerful tools to make things happen. This concretization of the metadata concept is the basis of the Apache Hop metadata-driven functioning model.

Apache Hop implements a strict separation of data and metadata allows you to design data processes regardless of the data itself.

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Metadata Driven

Apache Hop is entirely metadata driven. Every object type in Hop describes how data is read, manipulated or written, or how workflows and pipelines need to be orchestrated.

Metadata is wat drives Apache Hop internally as well. Hop uses a kernel architecture with a robust engine. Plugins add functionality to the engine through their own metadata.


Apache Hop manages a central storage repository for shared metadata like relational database connections, run configurations, servers, git repositories, and so on.

The Metastore uses the following elements:

  • Object types: Object types have a key, a name, and (optionally) a description.
  • Objects: Every object type can have any number of objects which are identified by their name.

The Apache Hop plugins can define their own metadata object types so depending on the installed plugins you can find extra types.

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