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A plugin architecture and ecosystem combines Hop's robustness and flexibility with developer-friendliness


Why Pluggable?

Because a pluggable architecture translates into flexibility, extensibility and maintainability.

Apache Hop is focused on increasing flexibility and all the components in the platform should be pluggable.

As a developer, this makes it easy to add new functionality. 

As a system administrator, it gives you full control over the functionality you want to allow in your systems, as a data designer, it gives you full control to pick and choose the functionality you want to use. Being able to only include the plugins you need make Hop a perfect fit for your DevOps and CI/CD environments. 

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What Is Pluggable In Apache Hop?

Hop is built around an ecosystem of plugins, this gives the end users and infrastructure team the ability to create a custom version of Hop tailored to the project or company needs.

The most important plugin types are the following 4:

  1. Database Plugins
  2. Workflow Action Plugins
  3. Pipeline Transform Plugins
  4. Miscellaneous Plugins for testing,