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Easy to learn and use



Neo4j minimizes learning-related downtime, thanks to a mature UI with intuitive interaction and built-in learning. You’ll also have access to a wealth of learning materials, thanks to the Neo4j community

You want a solution that minimizes downtime, especially when you’re running mission-critical applications. Using Neo4j, you engage with graph experts who provide world-class support for your organization.

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developer friendly


Select from APIs and drivers for all major languages, including Cypher, the world’s most powerful and productive graph query language, or the native Java API for writing custom extensions.

The logical model is the physical model, and with Neo4j, you’re empowered to make reflective of the ever-changing business landscape. Flexibility and rapid response are the name of the game.

Worried about importing massive amounts of data? Loading data is rapid and simple, with a staggering loading speed for even huge data sets, all with very low memory footprint.