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Why do intelligence applications need a graph database with operational flexibility?



Intelligent applications appear with new requirements and demand better performance.

Today's agile and test-driven development practices demand that applications evolve with changing business requirements.

Modern graphics databases are prepared for frictionless development and best practices.

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Relational Databases

Relational databases present a rigid design based on a table-row-column schema. This design must be decided and implemented in advance and it’s costly to modify the design as business requirements change in time.

Today many relational database applications are stable and functional within their own limitations.

However, others show some clear indications of stress, mainly induced by the database. Note that a relational database management system is sometimes used to handle highly connected data.

Neo4j Graph Database

With its native graph data model, Neo4j offers extreme flexibility.

  • Change at will
  • No JOINs
  • Scale up effortlessly
  • Simple but powerful
  • Relationships stored as first-class entities
  • Minutes-to-milliseconds performance
  • Drastically accelerated development cycles
  • Extreme business responsiveness
  • Enterprise ready
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