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Why do intelligence applications need a graph database with granular security?


Neo4j Enterprise Security

Intelligence applications appear with new requirements and demand better performance. As a result, today's databases must keep up with these changes and adhere to rigorous business security rules. At the same time, the practices are required to remain simple to implement and manage.

Neo4j offers identity and access control using Kerberos and LDAP. Communications with the database take place over Neo4j’s internal binary protocol or using HTTPS requests.


Enterprise security
Schema-based security

Neo4j Schema-Based Security

In addition to standard enterprise security features, Neo4j started schema-based security. But, how does schema-based security work?

Schema-based security:
• Restricts what data can be seen by different users (role-based access)
• Uses database and schema information to define restrictions
• Applies these restrictions to all database interactions

Schema-based security represents a significant advance in graph database security.