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Pentaho is the only complete commercial open source business intelligence platform in the market, consisting of components for ETL, reporting, OLAP, dashboards, Big Data, data science and more. 

Pentaho is available as a 100% open source Community Edition and an Enterprise Edition. Apart from enhanced functionality for administration, deployment, visualization and more, the Enterprise Edition comes with professional support and training credits. The Enterprise Edition allows organizations to work with the flexibility of an open source architecture without the risk of working with pure open source software. 

The Pentaho Enterprise Edition uses a subscription model, without limits on the number of users, data sources or data volumes. This model allows organizations to have a clear view on the license cost without surprises or hidden costs.  

The overview below discussed the different components Pentaho provides in more detail

(Big) Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), based on the Kettle open source project, is the most popular ETL platform on the planet. 

Apart from standard ETL functionality like support for databases (relational and NoSQL), file formats. PDI is the only ETL platform that crosses the gap between traditional ETL and Big Data and data science. Through integration with other Pentaho components, PDI can be used as a report bursting engine, can use ETL processes to combine (blend) data from a variety of sources at query time and much more. 

Adaptive layers allow ETL developers to work with their Hadoop distribution and version, without having to worry about API changes in the underlying distribution. By visually developing and orchestrating your Big Data engineering, Hadoop doesn't have to be hard.  

With tens of plugin types, PDI can easily be extended to perform any possible data related task. 

Business Analytics

Pentaho OLAP, based on the Mondrian open source project, allows users to quickly analyze data in a web based drag and drop interface that provides lightning fast access to data through smart caching.


Pentaho Dashboards allows users to build self-service dashboards in a flexible drag and drop user interface. More advanced users can develop highly customizable dashboards through the CTools framework. 

Data Science

With Weka, developed by Pentaho, data scientists can choose from a variety of machine learning algorithms. Support for Spark, R and Python is included out of the box, but integration with other machine learning platforms can easily be done as well.  


Through its open source architecture, Pentaho is the perfect platform to seamlessly embed in your application. Content can be integrated and tailored to your needs in look and feel, security etc. is a Certified Pentaho Partner and System Integrator. We have extensive experience in implementing Pentaho. 
We can help you in your Pentaho project through training, coaching, implementation or by extending Pentaho for you. 

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