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Pentaho Data Integration



Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), based on the Kettle open source project, is the world's most popular ETL platform.
PDI provides a visual development environment (Spoon) to design ETL (transformation) and orchestration (job) workflows. 


In 'traditional' ETL, data is onboarded from a variety of data sources like application databases and flat or office file formats and loaded to star schemas in a data warehouse. Pentaho Data Integration has all the required functionality to build these end to end ETL streams with ease. 

Big Data

In Big Data environments, Pentaho can be used to work with your Hadoop distribution. Through adaptive layers, developers can use PDI to develop data integration code without having to worry about the underlying Hadoop version or distribution. All of this is taken care of by the adaptive layer. 
By visually developing and orchestrating your Big Data engineering, Hadoop doesn't have to be hard.

With the new Adaptive Execution Layer, Pentaho Data Integration jobs and transformations that were built in Spoon can be executed against other runtimes like Apache Spark. 

Data Science

The Data Science Pack and other built in functionality empower data scientists to work with a variety of libraries and algorithms in R, Weka and Python.

Data Blending and data services

PDI is the only data integration platform that crosses the gap between traditional ETL, Big Data data science through data blending. 
With data services, PDI transformations can be accessed over standard SQL to unlock any combination of data sources in realtime. 

Extensible, embeddable, customizable

Pentaho Data Integration comes with hundreds of built-in steps to perform almost any task out of the box.
However, if there is a need to modify or extend the existing functionality, PDI comes with tens of different plugin types that allow PDI to be extended to perform any possible data task.


Pentaho Data Integration is used by hundreds of enterprise level customers around the globe. 
Know.bi has been involved with the Kettle project and Pentaho Data Integration from the very beginning, and is your got to partner to make your Pentaho (Data Integration) journey a success. 
We offer training, coaching, or can take care of your entire implementation for you. 
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