Gemeente Winterswijk

Improved data platform at a lower cost through an upgrade to Apache Hop and a migration to the AWS cloud. 


Gemeente Winterswijk

Winterswijk, also known as Winterswiek or Wenter, is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands. It has a population of 28,903 and is situated in the Achterhoek, which lies in the easternmost part of the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

Leo van den Berg, Data Team Lead at Gemeente Winterswijk

The Project

After about a decade with the Pentaho platform, Gemeente Winterswijk needed to switch to a more cost-effective and future-proof platform.
Gemeente Winterswijk used the upgrade to Apache Hop as an opportunity to revamp their data architecture with a major refactoring of the data engineering code base and a migration to the AWS cloud. 


The Pentaho Enterprise Edition at platform Gemeente Winterswijk provided an insufficient return on investment.

The data integration project had become complex and bloated over the years, which made it hard to maintain. 


The upgrade from Pentaho Data Integration to Apache Hop allowed Gemeente Winterswijk to eliminate the software license cost while switching to an innovative and future-proof platform.

A major redesign in the infrastructure and solution architecture reduced the codebase to less than 20% of its original size. The remaining data integration code is now a lot faster to run and a lot easier to troubleshoot and maintain.  

A switch from on-premise infrastructure to the AWS cloud reduced the dependency and burden on the internal IT department. The cloud platform allowed a switch from manually installed and configured infrastructure to a DevOps environment using containers and automated infrastructure. 


After an initial development and testing phase, the new data platform at Gemeente Winterswijk is now easier and faster to run, maintain and extend at a significantly lower cost.