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Easily load data to Neo4J

By Bart Maertens

Load data to Neo4JWhether you’re a Neo4J rock star or are just getting your feet wet, the biggest problem you’re probably facing is getting your data into Neo4J as quickly and easily as possible. Of course you can create and…


PCM Live Blog - Technical Room

By Mathias Gabriels

This blog will be updated throughout the day to keep everyone up-to-date about the event!Pentaho 7.0 – Pedro AlvesPedro Alves had the honor to introduce Pentaho 7.0, claiming a it'll be a very big release, and he wasn't lying … .With a growing…


PCM Live Blog - Use Cases & Technical Room 2

By Carl Vos

This blog will be updated throughout the day to keep everyone up-to-date about the event!Brussels airport company – Lokke Bruyndonckx The Brussels Airport Company is the organization running the Brussels International Airport at Zaventem, Belgium.…


PCM16: Speakers

By Lokke Bruyndonckx

PCM16: Agenda PCM would be nothing without its speakers, so you can find the schedule for both the technical room, technical room 2 and use cases below.Technical Room 09:30 - 09:40: Bart Maertens -  Opening
09:45 - 10:25: Pedro Alves - What's…


PCM16: Antwerp

By Lokke Bruyndonckx

PCM16: AntwerpVenue After the 2015 edition in London, the eighth yearly Pentaho Community Meeting will be back where it was in 2014: Antwerp, Belgium. The venue for this edition will be the gorgeous medieval hospital and monastery Elzenveld, located in…


MonetDB vs. Vertica vs. MariaDB Columnstore

By Yannick Mols

As discussed in  a previous article where PostgreSQL was pit against HPE Vertica, the choice of database is critical to a good BI solution. This article will further dive into columnar databases with a comparison of HPE Vertica, MonetDB and -the…


Predictive Analytics: Know What You’re Up Against

By Carl Vos

'Today's business applications are raking in mountains of new customer, market, social listening, and real-time app, cloud, or product performance data. Predictive analytics is one way to leverage all of that information, gain tangible new insights,…


PDI Neo4J Output Step

By Bart Maertens

Update 2017-09: a new version of this plugin was released. Find out more!While relational databases have proven their value for storing application data with a fixed, predictable structure (tables and columns) and a limited number…


Announcing PCM16!

By Bart Maertens

Announcing #PCM16, Antwerp, Belgium!! Register now!
Friday, Nov 11th: PCM16 Hackathon
Saturday, Nov 12: PCM16
Submit your talk proposal!
Use case room: pcm16_biz@know.bi


Weka Plugins for PDI: Scoring - Forecasting

By Carl Vos

When it comes to big data, the real opportunity for enterprises is in advanced data analytics, specifically machine learning.’ - http://www.information-age.com/ Weka, or Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis, is a software tool…


PostgreSQL vs. Vertica - time is money

By Carl Vos

An essential part of providing the best possible BI solution is the choice of database. In an ever evolving world of technological possibilities, choosing a solution that is both capable of solving the current problem and scales for the foreseeable future…



By Bart Maertens

PCM2015The Pentaho Community Meeting of 2015 was held in London on the 7th of November. The conference was held at the W12 Conferences centre in West London. First KeynoteBob Kemper the executive VP of Engineering talked about the roadmap of Pentaho for…


OrientDB, the best of both worlds

By Lokke Bruyndonckx

Imagine the power of a Distributed Graph Database engine with the flexibility of a Document Database all in one product. This is OrientDB - http://orientdb.com/This blogpost will give you a brief introduction in OrientDB and using it with Pentaho Data…


Loading data to Neo4J

By Hans Van Akelyen

Update 2017-09: a PDI 'Neo4J Output' step was released to make this process easier. Find out more! In this blogpost I will describe how to load data and work with Neo4j. This includes: Inserting data Selecting data from a Neo4j database…


PCM14 - Technical room

By Know.bi

Pedro AlvesPedro was the lucky one to open the Pentaho Community Edition 2014. He started to talk about the new features in the new 5.2 version.First of all the new features in the marketplace.A total rewrite of…


PDI Project switcher

By Hans Van Akelyen

When working with PDI on a project, or as a consultant on multiple projects you often have to switch your configuration files, or in my case... remember what kettle version the client was actually using.To solve this problem we created a startup script…


PCM14 - Pentaho Community Meeting 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium

By Know.bi

Announcing #PCM14As announced earlier on twitter, the 2014 edition of the yearly Pentaho community meeting will happen in Antwerp, Belgium on November, 14th, 15th and 16th. This is roughly one month later than usual in order not to interfere with Pentaho…


PBUG13 - Pentaho Benelux User Group Meeting 2013

By Know.bi

PBUG13On October, 24th, just weeks after PCM13, the first Pentaho Benelux User Group meeting took place at the Antwerp Train station, organized by Matt Casters and Bart Maertens, and sponsored by know.bi and Pentaho. About 60 people gathered there for…


PCM13 - Pentaho Community Meeting 2013

By Know.bi

Jens Bleuel - Call Kettle from PostgreSQLAt PCM12, Jens showed how to run Kettle from withing PostgreSQL through PL/Java. That was not geeky enough, so Jens secretly started his own secret project CCI, Community Confidential Information.All of a sudden,…


PBUG - Antwerp, October, 24th 2013

By Know.bi

As announced previously on Twitter and on Matt's blog, Matt Casters and know.bi's Bart Maertens are organizing a Pentaho Benelux User Group (PBUG) event, which will be sponsored by know.bi and Pentaho. The location for this event will be Antwerp Central…


Performing MongoDB Lookups in Pentaho Data Integration

By Know.bi

In a recent project, one of the requirements was to load detailed data for a large amount of IDs from MongoDB.
Although the MongoDB input step is great for reading vast amounts of data from a MongoDB collection, there is no easy way to do lookups in…


Some facts on big data in retail

By Know.bi


Configuring Kettle for Hadoop

By Know.bi

Because of the popularity and press attention given to "Big Data", every major and minor BI and DI vendor claims to support it.  For the majority of those vendors this claim is rather hollow, simply indicating a capability to get data from Hadoop…


PCMAMS - Pentaho Community Meeting 2012

By Know.bi

PCMAMS With Jan Aertsen, last year's PCM blogger being sick, live coverage of the Pentaho Community Meeting for 2012 will be done by yours truly. The room is rather dark and the pictures are taken with my smartphone, so apologies for the poor quality...…