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Territory: Italy

Serasoft is an Italian consulting company specialized in deploying open source data driven solutions. Our team of IT experts is able to support you in identifying the right combination of technologies to make your business fly. We have a wide experience and a well established presence in the Italian market.

Our skillset ranges from information system assessment, data model re-engineering, data integration solution development and finally to the design of beautiful data visualizations. The target sectors were we are operating in for more than 20 years are industrial, editorial, automotive, insurance and food & beverage.

We are used to deliver solutions specifically targeted to our customer's needs strategically based on opensource software. We start from a deep assessment on customers' requirements then we move on by suggesting the technologies that best fits with your needs and developing the solution we envisioned for you.

Serasoft is the affordable partner to help you digitalize your business and get value from you data by getting insights that let you gain the competitive advantage you need and save unnecessary costs.