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All our projects have four corner stones: strategy, coaching, devops and development. These corner stones offer the foundation to maximize the return on investment from your data projects.


At the start of a project, we need to get a clear view on your organization and your very specific project needs. 
With this clear view on your long term vision and strategic goals, we can start working on an approach that allows us to deliver short term results, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
Through one or more brainstorming sessions that each take from a couple of hours to a number of days, we'll work with you to build a 'think big, start small' strategy. With this strategy always in the back of our head, we can deliver short term project results while working towards achieving the long term goals.

Coaching: hit the ground running

At the start of a new project or when developing new components in an existing project, project teams often have to deal with a steep learning curve. 
The new skills to acquire can be purely technical (how do I use a platform?), or can be around operational expertise, but most often it is a combination of both. 
Our team of experts can assist you in the different phases of a project life cycle with idea and deed. At the start of a project, it is often key to  have a quick knowledge and skill transfer from a field expert. In later phases, the acquired knowledge may need to be complemented with industry best practices or experiences and lessons learned that our experts have acquired in the field throughout the years. 
We're here to help out in every stage of the development life cycle. Together, we can turn every single project into a success.

Devops: Automate Everything!

Manual actions are a risk! When installation and configuration of infrastructure is automated, the human factor and the possible introduction of the human error that comes with it are reduced as much as possible. 
In addition to the infrastructure roll-out, we consider every single deliverable of a project's development, testing, documentation and finally the actual roll-out of the product or release as code. 
By automating all aspects of a project, human errors are close to eliminated. Simultaneously, this way of working allows to significantly speed up the release process, freeing up more time to effectively working on data processing. 

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Development: helping minds

The end-to-end implementation of data projects often isn't just time consuming, it often requires skills that aren't available within the in-house team.

To keep the project pace up, it often is more efficient to outsource the operational execution for a project. Whether we're working on data on-boarding, building analytics or training and deploying models, our experts think with you through every step in the project.

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