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Big data analytics is driving the revolution in Artificial Intelligence


What Is Vertica

Vertica is an advanced analytics platform built for the scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world.

It combines the power of a high-performance, Massively Parallel Processing query engine with advanced analytics and machine learning.

Through integration with Kafka, Spark and other platforms, and the option to read directly from your data lake, Vertica is more than just a database.


How Is Vertica?

Vertica is a lightning fast (10 to 50 times faster than legacy systems) distributed analytical database, designed from the start for analytics.

Vertica allows machine learning models to run directly in the database through SQL functions, saving significant amounts of time and resources.

Why Vertica?

Analyze in the Right Place

Analyzing your data not only in place, but in the right place – without data movement – while supporting any major cloud deployment for fast and reliable read and write for multiple data formats.

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Supporting machine learning at scale to transform the way your data scientists and analysts interact with data, while removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

Column based

Queries only read the relevant columns instead of entire rows, as traditional databases do. This makes a huge difference for analytical queries over vast amounts of data.

Freedom from Underlying Infrastructure

Future proofing your analytics with the freedom to deploy anywhere – on commodity hardware, across multiple clouds, and natively on any Hadoop distribution.

Performance at Exabyte Scale

Bridging the gap between high-cost legacy EDWs and Hadoop data lakes with signature blazing fast ANSI SQL query execution at extreme scale.


Data is stored on a cluster of machines, just like analytical workloads can be shared over the machines in the cluster.

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