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Apache Hop data platforms for your exact needs

Modern data engineering projects are hard: technology, requirements and systems to integrate with change constantly. 
We build data solutions with Apache Hop for your exact needs, ready to evolve with your organization's data engineering and digital transformation needs. 

Apache Hop Implementation

Based on industry best practices and decades of combined solutions, we do what we do best: build, deploy and run data projects that do exactly what you need, when you need it, within budget.

Apache Hop
Training & Coaching

Data processed doubles every two years, as does the need for the knowledge and skills required to handle and process this data explosion.
We're with you to train and coach your team every step of the way  

Apache Hop
DevOps, DataOps

Running data projects and infrastructure requires skills and agility that often are not possible with internal IT departments. 
Our robust, automated and scalable infrastructure solutions take care of the hard technical work for you. 

Best-in-breed tools

Modern data architectures are not silos. Your architecture typically needs a combination of legacy systems and modern data processing platforms.
Our focus is on a number of best-in-breed platforms and technologies that we believe to offer major advantages for your organization. In addition to these technologies, we integrate with just about any system or platform.

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Apache Hop

Apache hop is your data orchestration and data integration workhorse.
Read from any platform, manipulate data in every possible and write to any platform, in batch, stream or hybrid, on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid architecture, Apache Hop does it all. is an Apache Hop contributor since day 1 and has multiple members on the Apache Hop PMC (Project Management Committee). 


Your data only shines when connected to and combined with other data, internal and external. Graph databases make it easy to visualize and analyze the known and unknown relationships in your data. 
Our expert services and solutions let you load your data to Neo4j in the blink of an eye. The right data, on time, every time. 



Large volumes of data need powerful analytical solutions.
Vertica's distributed analytical database lets you analyze petabytes of data at the speed of thought. 
In-database analytical and machine learning functions allow you to do turn your data into knowledge from the comfort of SQL, without the need for cumbersome offline analytics. 

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