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Apache Hop

Apache Hop is an innovative metadata-driven that uses metadata objects to describe how you want to process your data. Apache Hop architecture takes care of the heavy lifting. Based on visual development, Apache Hop allows you to visually design your workflows and pipelines.

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Vertica is a clustered analytical database that comes embedded machine learning functionality, integration with Kafka and Spark. 
There is no data volume or query load that Vertica can't handle. 

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Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration)

Kettle is a flexible and versatile open source data engineering platform. As users and developers on the Kettle platform since day one, we can not only assist in idea and dead, we're here to help if in tailoring or extending Kettle to meet your very specific needs.

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Graph database turn relationships into first class citizens. Typical use cases include social network analysis (LinkedIn-style), recommendation engines and fraud detection, but above all, graph databases offer insights into how your data is connected and find answers to questions you didn't know you had.  

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How can we help?

Data Strategy

Engaging data as a first class citizen in your organization requires a well thought out approach. We can help in defining a data strategy, in adjusting  your business processes to that strategy and in defining a matching road map. 
More operationally, we'll work out a flexible and scalable technical architecture that can meet your organization's long term growth.  

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In every project, there are times where you may need that extra touch of deep technical knowledge or could use some very specific project experience. 
Our team of technical experts is here to help you to hit the ground running in a new project or new development, to be your sparring partner or to assist your team on a regular basis with tips and tricks and industry best practices.  

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No matter how small or big a project is, manually managing infrastructure no longer is an option.
We can help in automating your infrastructure installation and configuration, but also (and especially) in building a reliable, regular data and analytics deployment strategy, so you can focus on what really matters: getting new insights from your data! 

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Whether you are looking for a partner to take care of development for an entire end-to-end data driven application or are just looking to increase the bandwidth for your internal data development, we're here to help. 
Together, we'll work on a development scenario that can make your data lead to new insights.  

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Our Customers has been working on projects for tens of customers. We mainly operate in the Benelux region, but enjoy working for a large number of global customers. 

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